From contract staffing, permanent recruitment, and recruitment process outsourcing to human resource outsourcing, we are pioneers at giving you all that you need within a stipulated period of time. We strive to become your trusted employment agency for all recruitment needs.

Benefits of Hiring Placement and Employment Agencies

An in-house HR team has a lot to do than just sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, and selecting the right fit. This is where the need for a specialist placement agency comes into the picture.

Here’s why you should hire a recruitment agency for your business:

  • Timely delivery of talented candidates right when you need them
  • Expert help while selecting from a pool of prospective candidates
  • Access to a wide network of individuals with expertise in different domains
  • Save time and energy to focus on growth and process enhancement of your organization

How Does an Employee Recruitment and Placement Agency Work?

Considering how it takes around 30-45 days to close an open position and costs 7-20 percent of that position’s salary, it’s only better to hire an expert recruitment agency.

Here’s how placement agencies work to eliminate your cost of hiring:

  • We enter into a hiring contract with your organization to represent your interests while hiring on your behalf.
  • We discuss your needs regarding permanent or temporary staffing needs and find talent that can add to the overall success of your organization.
  • We set a code of standards to source candidates from our network who fit these positions.
  • The interviews and selection procedure starts and we schedule meetings between the shortlisted candidates and your organization.
  • The most appropriate candidate is chosen, salaries are approved, and the position is finally closed.
  • Additionally, we take care of all onboarding documentation and processes in case the candidate is to be placed on our payroll.

Why Should You Choose RayaFeeL as Your Recruitment Agency?

RayaFeeL is an industry leader when it comes to recruitment and hiring.

Here’s why you should choose to partner with our hiring agency:

  • Unique customer-centric talent hunt process
  • Expertise in hiring for middle-management roles
  • We have domain expertise in offering contract staffing solutions in various industries, including healthcare, finance, legal, technical, manufacturing, and logistics.
  • Instead of relying on traditional methods of sourcing, we look for desirable talent pool in our network
  • Access to talented candidates in 100+ cities in the country
  • Domain expertise in various industries, including healthcare, finance, IT, etc.
  • Range of services including payroll management, hiring, and placement

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